Friday, August 04, 2006

Day off in London - well kinda

Had a few bits and pieces to sort out today....

But before I did anything I took myself off into London and just a good old fashioned walk around... it was nice... I had Gordons iPod with me as he asked me to do a gig with him this Sunday with his function band and I needed to learn a whole bunch of trax... was lovely though, people just sitting out having lunch and relaxing...

... a couple of Blue Men doing their thang... ... ... my back and shoulders have been giving me a bit of grief lately so I decided to treat myself to a little shiatsu massage...

...there is this place in the West End called RELAX where you can just walk in and book an appointment... was soooooooooo what I needed... painful nonetheless but it did the trick!

...after that I popped into Wagamamas on Leicester Square to grab a bite... was okay but just isn't the same since they stopped doing that amazing fresh chili paste... that was one of the whole reasons I enjoyed going there so much!

From there it was off to Putney... Cato to get my next shippment of Hot Rods from ProMark...

... and by sheer coincidence I bumped into Richie Mills, who has just started a solo project - we were just recently put in touch by Mark Wood as he will be needing a drummer for some shows in the near future... turns out he used to work here... what a small world indeed!

...just like Christmas... 50 pairs of HotRods :oP

After that I walked around London some more...

...and came across this cool instrument made by Roland... I had such a good time jamming on it... now I want one! finish my day off I grabbed some more Japanese food and started putting together the first few lessons for my new online students... basically I am taking some of my teachings for my book and testing them on some willing volunteers via the internet... students include, Jim, Juana Molina and Steve Savoca at Domino to name a few.... looking forward to eventually getting some real feedback from them so I can take it to the next level!


This is what some of the other Psappsters were up to today:


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